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Spread the Cost of Treatment

We are delighted to offer The Orchard Dental Plan, our very own scheme designed to encourage your regular attendance.

Image by Diana Polekhina

Joining the dental plan normally leads to better check-up attendance, the result is to reduce or even avoid more costly and invasive treatments such as root canal treatments.

Maintaining your oral health also contributes to your general well being and a healthy body.

In addition to spreading the cost of routine dental check ups and hygiene appointments, you will save on many practice treatments (excludes orthodontics, oral surgery, implants and facial aesthetics) and enjoy the benefit of a Worldwide Accident and Emergency Cover.

Total care, complete satisfaction

Your Dental Plan Includes:

  • 2 dental health examinations per year

  • 2 hygienist visits per year

  • X-rays when clinically required

  • 10% discount on additional treatment

  • Worldwide Accident & Emergency insurance

Happy Woman
£24.75 per month

£10.00 joining fee

Tooth Exam

Insurance and Peace of Mind

Senior Couple

What does the Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance cover?

The policy provides the insured during the period of cover with emergency dental treatment up to a maximum value per incident and a cumulative maximum amount for the year insured.* The emergency dental treatment can be carried out by any registered dental surgeon.

Treatment following an accident

If during the period of cover the insured is involved in an accident requiring dental treatment, benefits are again paid up to the current maximum limits.*

In addition, the insurance policy provides a cash benefit for hospital stays as well as separate benefits for oral cancer and permanent facial disfigurement.*

*please check the policy for specific details on the current cover for each of the specific benefits listed.

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